Our Team

Molly Phelps

Apparatus and Mat Certified Pilates Teacher

As a young pre-professional ballet dancer, Molly was taught Pilates as a way to keep herself conditioned whether she was injured or correcting muscular imbalances to achieve perfect form. Her knowledge is gleaned from a professional dance career and her teaching expertise is crafted from various distinctive certifications in pilates and movement, over twenty years of teaching Pilates, and several  decades of practice as an Iyengar yogi. 

Her holistic philosophy involves attention to detail and precision: to work towards re-patterning movement and encourage bodily awareness. She is dedicated to constantly learning and refreshing her inspiration from her teachers Lesley Powell and Sue Monti (formerly) at Movements Afoot, and Carrie Owerko of the Iyengar Yoga Institute. She thrives on her collaboration with physical therapists, acupunturists, massage therapists, doctors,  and osteopaths. She is also influenced by a lifetime study of diverse movement, and strives to both teach and practice mindfulness.